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our mission

Our mission is to enable our Muslim brothers, sisters and children to at least read the Holy Quran by sight.

time and day:

its totally up to you. book your class as per you need.

get free trial:

must take free trial in which you will learn namaz,basic qaida,basic quran and rules of recitation.

why choose us?

EQuran is an Online Quran Academy that offers Online Quran Classes to people all over the World. We seek to deliver the best and completely accurate comprehension of Basic Quran Reading, Quran with Tajweed, Quran Memorization, Tafseer e Quran, and Quranic Arabic on one platform with qualified, recognized EQuran instructors. In this Digital age, learning the Quran is not difficult. The top teachers are available to you even if you choose to learn at home.

EQuran is one of the leading and legit platforms for learning the Quran. Any device that has Internet access may be used to learn the Quran Online. It might be your laptop, Tablet, Computer, or even your Mobile Phone. With the aid of thorough knowledge of Tajweed, comprehension of this esteemed text, and Quranic Arabic, our main focus is on imparting the best Quranic interpretations.

Due to its commitment to Students and its persistent attempts to enhance it over time, the EQuran has steadily soared to new heights in a relatively short period of time. We want to include as many students as we can in the charitable deed of Hifz al Quran.


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